Moving on from an ex

I see so much about women returning to an ex. Somehow we think a man who didn’t honor or love us a month ago, has finally gotten the revelation to love us. I beg to differ. I realized after my last relationship that the love I was seeking outside of myself, was never going to happen. I was not going to magically turn a man who disliked me into the love of my life. 
The fantasy thinking I had was only destroying my already fragile self esteem. I so wanted to get my ex back. I had to prove what a great woman I was. I had to jump through one more hoop. I was so wrong. I had no chance of ever being in a successful relationship with a man who left me. 
I realize the value of being left behind. It allowed me to pick myself up off of the ground and move on. As much as it hurt. I let it go because, I now know my power is in moving. Forward. Getting unstuck. Knowing me. Loving on me. Keeping myself safe. Living a drama free healthy life.

written by Sophie Wells.

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