Must-See YouTube Channels for Baby Boomers

Must-See YouTube Channels for Baby Boomers

Aug 30, 2014   |   Independent Living

In a galaxy beyond broadcast and cable TV, YouTube has become a real-time time capsule of everything that happens on planet Earth. All across the Internet, you’ll see, “Link to YouTube, or it didn’t happen.”

We’ve rounded up 19 YouTube channels and collections where you’ll find something for every interest and taste. After you click each link below, click “Videos” to see a full list of videos for the channel. Collections don’t have a video link; instead, you’ll find a list of individual videos.

Note: An * indicates a possible PG rating.

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

The best in boomer humor to brighten your day:

1. *The Carol Burnett Show – Carol Burnett’s best sketches and bloopers. Remember Bob Newhart playing the dentist?

2. JeanneRobertson – Hilarious clean comedy that will appeal to “everywoman.” Start with “Men don’t know the style in NYC!” (“Left Brain” is Jeanne Robertson’s husband.)

3. *Comedy Central – Clips from the Comedy Central TV channel.

4. Jeff Allen Comedy – Clean, funny comedy.

5. *Original Saturday Night Live skits – This old, gray mare isn’t what she used to be, but thanks to YouTube, we can relish in original Saturday Night Live comedy from the days before the show was called SNL.

6. *StandupComedyTV100 – A whole host of favorites, from Dean Martin and Rodney Dangerfield to Jay Leno and Bill Maher.

That Was the Week That Was

You’ll find plenty of YouTube channels dispensing all kinds of news — from mainstream news to international news for a global slant:

7. CNN International – Not for domestic consumption, and totally different from CNN on TV.

8. RT America – Russia Today for the US audience.

9. BBC News – The British version, not the American version on cable.

Curiosity May Have Killed the Cat, but It Keeps the Senior Young

Lifelong learning and curiosity help the brain stay fit:

10. National Geographic – Now you can finally throw out those 10-foot-tall stacks of magazines.

11. Learn bridge – Learn contract bridge online with three friends to make a foursome.

12. Learn Spanish – Learning a new language helps keep you sharp. This channel includes several methods to learn Spanish.

13. ArtistsNetwork – Oil, acrylic, and watercolor instruction to keep you busy on rainy days.

Specifically for Seniors

14. CyberSeniorsCorner – This channel grew out of teenagers’ efforts to teach baby boomers how to use the Internet. It includes some serious clips and some funny ones.

15. Fitness for seniors collection – A collection of fitness routines specifically designed for seniors. (Remember to contact your doctor before starting any exercise program.)

16. 2nd Act TV – A channel devoted to issues of particular interest to baby boomers.

17. Philips Lifeline Channel – Tips and trick for seniors and information about personal medical devices. Learn more here.

It’s Music to My Ears

If you remember when tunes had a melody and intelligible lyrics, you’ll love these channels:

18. ManicGrasshopper – Music from the ’60s–’80s.

19. The Rock’n’Roll Channel – Favorite rock ‘n’ roll tunes from back in the day.

Beyond These YouTube Channels

Forward this article to all your friends and family, and ask them to look over the list and send their favorite recommendations. Add your favorite channels to your browser’s favorites list for easy access.

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