My Emancipation from “Enough”

A quick look into how I transformed from a survival state of mind into a thriving state of mind.

”You begin to develop vision when you stop being led by sight.” Rickie Burney

This quote from my book Destined for Greatness is a simple statement, yet it gave me profound insight on how I navigated every aspect of my personal and professional lives.

As children, we have unfiltered creativity and imagination that takes us to heights unknown. We aspire to obtain so many achievements in life. I recall in my own life, wanting to be that best selling writer. The performer that people adored. That humanitarian that made sure no one was hungry.

Eventually, I grew up. That is, I became consciously aware of my surroundings and circumstances.

The instability in the household. The lack of sufficient funds. The absence of touchable mentors to show the levels that could be reached.

In the pursuit of survival, being “enough” was desirable. Enough to pass my classes. Enough to generate a paycheck. Enough to cover bills. Enough to exist.

How many times have you limited what you can accomplish because it wasn’t “realistic”?

How many doors could have opened if you would have just taken the step?

After years of pessimism, I decided to take that step. I created Destined for Greatness: 90 Days of Transformational Affirmation to chronicle those critical thoughts and actions necessary for me to navigate my newfound journey of intention.

The journey from a perspective of scarcity to one of abundance. From surviving to thriving. From being “enough” to being MORE than enough.

Remember that “ENOUGH” is the cousin of “COMFORT”. “Comfort” is the gateway to COMPLACENCY.

Has your personal vision ever been minimized by the barrier of “enough”?

Share your own thoughts and stories on how you expanded your vision past limiting beliefs.

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