My Family’s Dysfunctional

I’ve finally taken off the gloves for I’ve had enough. Since my family can’t hear me maybe they’ll hear you. It’s the introduction of the 254 day challenge. Forming a habit.

A little over 2-weeks ago I started a 254 day challenge. It’s believed a habit is formed anywhere from 21-to 254-days. At the time of challenge, I currently in a season of life grieving the death of my mother where our relationship was estranged. I invest in self daily as an over comer of child abuse and neglect and have been conscious in prevention and bringing awareness since 2007. However since mother’s passing now In an all out battle with 3 of 4 siblings.

The challenge is to prepare me for the completion of my book, documentary, and the launch of my podcast. The goal is to show up daily for up to 44-minutes. I am to show up no matter what I look like, or feel like. Of course, content deals with life’s issues so things are heating up in which I know they will, I just didn’t realize how soon. Will we ever be the family i vision a family should be? United in love. 

Yesterday was day number 18 of my 254 day challenge. In my uncomfortableness, I haven’t shared much however, I find it’s true, “nobody watches you harder than the people that can’t stand you.” It be the blocked ones too! Who has time to create fake pages? I’m being stalked. However, I’m going to use for my benefit while I work to improve myself as I use my footstools for self care. They’re already commenting, providing me with content cluelessly as they troll my videos. 

How has being tied to a dysfunctional family effected your life? I have trust issues because of the lies. Like the comments posted under my YouTube videos. I’m saving my reply for my autobiography where I’m going to pin comments along with receipts. I just love the fact we have Direct messenger and text messaging in this century. To God be the glory. This truth is going to make me free and a number one best selling author.

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