My Introductory

A fun way to introduce myself as one of the Newest Coaches on My Mentor USA. Lots of Fun Posts coming your way, from me. 💝 RGK

Hi, My name is Robin GK, and I’m so excited to be walking in my Purpose! Finally all of my years of ups and downs, trials and tribulations have brought me to a place where I can serve my community. This has been years in the making, and I’m submitting to my own Dreams and Goals. Years of being a full time Mom, Homemaker, Supportive Wife, Loyal Friend, and Dedicated Disciple have prepared me to be a Strong Mentor to help others Grow, and Learn what their Passions are, how to achieve their Ultimate Goals, and live a Purposeful Life. 


I’m Here For It! 


For more information please follow the link below. 


Your Biggest Battles are priming you to receive your Greatest Gifts 🎁 

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