My Journey

 I am grateful for my journey and everything I have been through in life.  Who knew those words would actually be coming from my mouth after everything I have been through.  Who knew God chose me to show the world what He can do with your life if you only trust Him and believe the promises He said was already yours. 

Today as I walked at the  Berkeley Marina I looked at the calming body of water on the side of me with my face mask on and head phones in just looking back and giving God praise for my journey.

There are many reasons why God allows storms to happen during your journey.  Sometimes God will allow a storm in your life because He wants to get the glory when you come out.  Sometimes God will put your faith on public display to show the world you belong to Him and sometimes God will allow the enemy to attack you because He wants to see how strong your faith really is and are you willing to give up and throw in the towel when times get tough and the situation doesn’t change.

Whatever the reason, God allowed the storm in your life, be grateful because the storm is shaping you to the character and person He created you to be. 

If it wasn’t for the difficult seasons in my life I would of never discovered my strength deep down  inside of me.  The strength I discovered turned into the greatness God was always seeking from me.

  My journey also taught me that rejection is actually a blessing in disguise.   Being rejected  from a job, a friendship or relationship means that God has something better in store for you.  And you can’t see it right now,  but He can and that’s why He allowed the rejection to happen in your life. Jesus was also rejected.  He was rejected in his own hometown because He came back revealing He was the Messiah.  The people in His hometown didn’t believe him and they not only rejected Him but they also tried to throw Him off a hillside cliff.

  Can you imagine how Jesus must of felt when He was rejected?  Probably hurt , probably angry, probably confused but however He felt He didn’t let that stop Him from fulfilling His destiny.  He didn’t argue with them and He didn’t take revenge on them either.  Jesus did absolutely nothing. He didn’t say a word.  And saying nothing is more powerful than trying to convince people who He was. 

Sometimes it takes more strength to hold your peace than it does to strike back in anger and vengeance.  People who live their lives rejecting other people are people who are deeply damaged themselves.   Jesus was able to move beyond His own hurt in being rejected to deal with the hurt of those who had rejected Him.  He understood the value of tolerance.  

Don’t allow negative things that happen in your life to cloud your vision.   The journey you’re on is unique and is tailored just for you.  Learn to thank God on your journey.  Learn to be grateful for the ups and downs in your life because it has molded you to the person you are today.  Be grateful for the lessons you learned along the way and don’t allow the pain to stop you from reaching your greatness.   And if you hold on and don’t give up you will be looking back on your life and you will also be grateful for your own  journey.

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