My Mind is Mine!

In light of the recent unrest going on in the world today, remember, the way you handle it in regards to the way you feel, is totally up to you. Don’t allow your mind to be controlled but take a long hard look within yourself as a person and as a member of society.  When I say, “a long hard look,” that means without personal, social, or political biases and honestly be willing to change the things you can in your own personal space.  We must as a society be willing to use our minds as a weapon to dismantle unproductive and divisive ideologies that strain the already distressed state of our nation. The wonderful and absolutely exciting thing is, every individual has the ability to promote positive change if he or she desires to do so. That positive change lies within you; it lies within me. We alone have the power to dictate what we think, feel, and how we react. Let’s utilize our power together.    Dr. Shelia McGrew

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