My Sweet Angel!

💖 My Handsome King💖

Kason, this is one is solely for you my precious angel………I promise to make the year 2020 extra special just for YOU. Mommy was in a really dark place when I had you and I know it affected you in certain ways that it shouldn’t have! Here is my PUBLIC APOLOGY to you babyboy. I’m sorry for crying in front of you and you having to WIPE my TEARS. I’m sorry for all of the mental breakdowns and the craziness that was presented right in front of you. I’m sorry for having to work so much when it was just you and I and being “too tired” to do anything with you on the days that I was off. I really wish I can go back in time and rewrite the beginning of our story……but you know what….I thank you for loving me unconditionally. I thank you for wiping mommy’s tears when she wasn’t able to wipe her own. I thank you for always giving me that “nudge” to keep pushing forward. I thank you for the smiles and giggles! I simply thank you for being YOU. Thank you for loving Mommy when she couldn’t love HERSELF.
I can’t wait to build this empire with you, Kason…..

Everyday is a celebration for YOU. Thank you my KING. I love you.


Your Mommy💕
Founder & CEO
Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching

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