My Transformed Heart

“As a living vessel, these are the things that God has placed inside my heart and there is room for so much more.” -Kandace Thomas

I am a Christian, scientist, entrepreneur, author, life coach, YouTubber, and blogger obviously (haha). I say all of this to make a point, not to be arrogant, so keep reading my loves. Some might say that those are completely different things. That those titles aren’t related and couldn’t possibly go together, but I say I wouldn’t be able to do one without the other. I know better, I assure you that these occupations are entirely INTERDISCIPLINARY. My Christianity has prepared me to be vulnerable and write effortlessly to help others. My Christianity has shown me how to endure ups and downs and uncertainty. Because of it I am able to finish STRONG, in every area of my life, without any broken BEATS. Often a PhD leads to brokenness and fragility, but not me! The scientist in me is held together by the Christ in me. When I help others through my purpose work I become a better me. For, I can not counsel people unless Holy Ghost first counsels me. In others words I can not pour from an empty cup.  When I began to study the heart as a scientist God began a heart transformation on the inside of me. As I learned about the heart, God stripped my heart of everything that made me SPIRITUALLY WEAK. It wasn’t a coincidence that I started to study what makes a heart beat while God started to remove all of my broken beats. Out of my heart transformation came precious beats like Blue Redemption (blogging, YouTube, coaching, etc…). I became an inspiration to others, a living testimony. I became a beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. PAUSE. I know I have discussed a lot and my thoughts are a bit intertwined and lost in eachother, but that is the point I have set out to make. Do you see the interwoven connections of my heart? What God has put together no man can separate. Everything that I am and everything that I do is for His glory. He has transformed me into a living vessel for His power to be demonstrated through me. These are the things that God has placed inside my heart and there is room for so much more. 

-A CHALLENGE for you…

  1. If you do everything for His glory then take a second to step back. Look for the interwoven connections between everything you do. Then, you will have complete vision. The God given vision over your 

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