Narcissist Relationships

Many people are going through a lot rather you are single or married. You have single people wanting to be married and married people wanting to be divorced. Taking the time to renew your mind to learn new and updated information about being in a Healthy Relationship can and will save you from a lot of unnecessary heartaches, pain and suffering. By equipping yourself with the right information this will in tune help guide you in the right direction of being in a healthy relationship verses living years in a toxic relationship.

Being in a Narcissistic Relationship is not only toxic but it is also shameful and demeaning. This is a topic that people don’t talk about because unless you have been in a narcissistic relationships or marriages, talking to someone who hasn’t, is a waste of time because they won’t have a clue about what you are talking about; neither will they understand the level of abuse that you have endured from being in a relationship with an narcissist. It is like none other, the love bombing, triangulation, disrespect, devaluing and gaslighting and the whole fairytale of the relationship is more then one can bare. If you have found yourself in this type of relationship and you would like coaching, please feel free to schedule a booking with me, don’t go through this alone. 


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