Narcissist Withdrawal

Narcissist victim withdrawal effects

After having headaches for three days, I came to realize that I was having withdrawal symptoms. But, from what, I asked myself? Diet Coke? Neh, that’s not it. I had regular coffee this morning when I normally, have decaf. So, caffeine withdrawal wasn’t it. Everything I thought about didn’t make sense. The only thing that made sense was the disconnection that I have made from my narcissist connection. A few days earlier we agreed not to talk anymore. Not talking gave me so much more mental and emotional peace; however, my mind has gotten used to the what I will call ‘toxic lifestyle’. And, now my body doesn’t know how to deal with having peace. It’s a shame when your mind and body have lived in the craziness of B. S. for so long, that it understand it aa a sense of normalcy. It goes through withdrawals from the crazy behavior because it feels like it’s missing something. In your mind, you some how feel guilty for doing what is ‘best for you’. That’s because in the past, when you have tried to do what’s best for you, you’ve been made to feel guilty about it. I’ll give you an example. You’ve made a decision to limit or cut off communication with your narcissist. After a while,  you start feeling guilty about your decision and start second guessing your decisions. You’ve gotten out of habit of doing what’s being best for you, instead you’ve been trying to keep the peace. Now you feel guilty for doing what’s best for you. Take care yourself. Don’t feel guilty for making yourself happy.

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