Mother Father Nature, thank you for the rain. My roots were dry. But as I ride through this narrow road, with green leave on trees, that stand wet and tall. The smell of your garden fills my breath with a smile. My roots are now wet. Full of your mutt nature tears. Tears of growth. To celebrate you. I give thanks to Sun RA and pay homage to you. Amen RA. Amen RA. Amen RA. An original poem written by Celestine Snell -A Healing Motions Production

Good God morning!¬† It’s a rainy day here in Maryland.¬† (6:30am) I went for my walk as always¬† because I can enjoy walking in the rain with the one I love (self).¬† I can love me, so I can love you.¬† Many blessings falling from the sky, anointing my head.¬† Masked, social distancing, ear buds, with an¬† umbrella.¬† Enjoy your day!¬† Safely!¬† Peace & Love.¬† -Celestine¬†

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