Navigating through the Healing Process (Stage 3)

Navigating through the Healing Process (Stage 3)

No one is voided of going through life without getting hurt whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Oftentimes these four can be intertwined with each other depending on how deep your wounds go and the situation that causes the hurt. But you can overcome those wounds with time and self-care. I always like to use different analogies or scenarios that will give you a better picture to understand the process of healing.


Stage 3: The Proliferative Stage (Producing new growth)


So, after you have gone through the two stages (Receiving a wound and then Inflammation), the next stage is the proliferative stage.

Remember, I am using an analogy of an actual wound and aligning it with how our emotional, spiritual, and mental healing is similar.  As a reminder, this is not a set-in-stone way of healing. Everyone heals in their own way. But I am just sharing with you one of the ways that you can heal.

In medical terms, Proliferative means rapid growth of tissue cells. The purpose of this stage is to develop a new mindset and focusing on healing and covering the wound once you have cleaned it out from your previous stage, which was the inflammation stage. This is where the true work begins. You are in continuous prayer, speaking affirmations, thinking positive thoughts, writing in your journal, and developing forgiveness for the other person and yourself.  This stage varies from person to person and how deep their wound goes. I am unable to give you an exact number of days it would take for you to completely heal. That is solely up to you and how fast you want to cover your wound.

Healing builds a foundation of strength, not weakness.-Leticia Davis

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