Navigating Through Your Healing Process (Stage 2)

No one is voided of going through life without getting hurt whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. Oftentimes these four can be intertwined with each other depending on how deep your wounds go and the situation that causes the hurt. But you can overcome those wounds with time and self-care. I always like to use different analogies or scenarios that will give you a better picture to understand the process of healing.

Stage 2: The Inflammation Begins

Okay, So in the last article I used an analogy of getting an actual physical wound and the first part of the healing process and aligning on how our emotional, spiritual, and mental healing is similar.  As a reminder, this is not a set-in-stone way of healing. Everyone heals in their own way. But I am just sharing with you one of the ways that you can heal.

After your body reacts to knowing that it has been wounded, the cells began to go into action by targeting the site of the wound and cutting off the flow of the blood by clogging up the hole. As I discussed previously, this is the first stage of healing spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. During the second stage, is where inflammation starts to set in. In a physical wound, you can see that around the site it is either slightly swollen or very swollen. This is the same way when you are spiritually wounded. Your white blood cells go to the wound and clear out all of the bacteria and germs to keep it from getting infected. So in this instance, you want to separate yourself from the person(s) or bad habits that have caused the spiritual wound(s). By clearing those things out of your life, it allows room for you to clear your mind, then your eyes will begin to see a little clearer as well as allowing God to work on you inside.

As the saying goes, “Time heals all wounds,” is definitely a true saying. It’s up to you to take action and start getting rid of those bad habits or toxic people in your life. Healing is not a race. It is a slow process for a lot of people. It is all based on how determined you want to treat those wounds in order for you to heal quicker.  

Healing builds a foundation of strength not weakness.-Leticia Davis

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