Negative Budget


How do you survive when you have a negative budget every month? Looking at salary and rent, groceries and necessities and you wonder how will you pay the electric bill and get the new tires for the car. Who do you turn to for assistance? Every day newly divorced women face this question and sometimes spend hours trying to recalculate negative numbers to fit into what they have on hand.vAfter you recover from the shock of the budget shrink, it’s time to get serious.  Many times things that we think are necessities and they are truly wants, and they do nothing to maintain living conditions. Here are a few things to look at as your review your budget.

Food – Necessary for you to live, there are budget menus available on the internet. It costs nothing atbut time to look these menus up and begin to implement them. There are literally menus for a budget of $50 a week. One great resource is to co-shop with another person, by buying in bulk at, discount stores your resources will go further. Another budget stretcher is to weekly meal prep. This helps you to have your menu, coupons, and sales items in mind before you go to the store.


Here are a few tips.


Shop early in the morning if you can,early morning shopping times are quieter, less crowds and you can clearly focus on the goal without getting held up by masses of people.


Eat a solid meal at home before you go shopping. The sensation of fullness in your belly helps you to eliminate to need to shop for junk foods are expensive quick fix meals.


Study menus that call for item like beans, rice or potatoes as part of the main ingredients. These items are very filling, less costly and go a long way.


Take lunch to work. In the times of drive thru, delivery services it easy to become accustomed to going out for lunch. I have been guilty of this more than once. But when finances are tight, I know how to tighten the belt. Don’t worry about going out to eat with colleagues, your concern is maintain your ability to manage your responsibility. If you still struggle when people ask you to join them for lunch, feel free to use this line, “I’m participating in a savings challenge, and I am determined to win”. You are literally saving for yourself (think about that for a moment).

Call your insurance company, ask for every discount you can think of, single woman discount, college graduate, limited mileage, business discount. The worst that can happen is they say no, the best is you get a surprise discount. Call every company, store, etc that you owe money and explain your life circumstance. Sit pride in the corner and work on getting relief.

Right now it may seem difficult to save, but it is possible. For financial advice you can tune into a few podcasts and they are free. One of my favorites is Dave Ramsey, he will provide great insight on how to save moneyand if after listening you find that you enjoyed his information he has several books that are available to give you even more resources. You may even be able to check out a few at your local library. (Yes, they still exist in 2019)


One of the greatest feelings is the wholeness that comes from knowing that you are setting funds aside for an emergency. It may not be the amount you want to set aside, but great things come from small beginnings. It takes a small seed to create a mighty oak tree, remember that growth takes time.


Goals for this week: Research meal prep plans

Sign up for a financial literacy podcast

Start a savings plan

Call companies and ask for reduced rates

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