Never Give Up!

Hey Purpose Gang, 

Have you ever been at a place where you thought your reality was your permanent destiny? I’ve been there, constantly at war with myself, fighting for the idea of what could be. I’m here as a demonstration, proving that it all started with a change in perspective. I began that war over a year ago. Even though my life has changed drastically in such a short period of time,  the war is not over. Truthfully speaking, I’m beginning to think it’s a lifelong battle. With every new phase of life, I’ve experienced new hurt, new trials, new set backs, new disappointments. During coaching sessions, conferences with colleagues, I’ve been asked time and time again what keeps me going? The answer is durability, the ability to withstand wear & tear, pressure, or damage without choosing to give up! Yes. I said what I said. The fight to never give up and the focus to live to tell the story is what keeps me going in my personal development journey and my entrepreneurial journey. I hope this helps. 

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