New Age Femininity

I bet when you think of femininity you think of a woman in a dress and makeup 24/7 and behaving as if it’s 1950. Well, that is not so. Woman have fought so hard for so long to have equal rights as men that many times we forget to embrace the fact that it is awesome to be a woman. The song, “It’s a Man’s World,” is just a song. Nature itself is bloomed from an ovary. Yes! The flowers, plants, and fruit we eat is bloomed out of an ovary. So when they say, “mother nature,” they were not lying. The fact that we women can produce life is unbelievable!


Femininity goes beyond wearing dresses, cooking, and cleaning, or even the build of a woman’s body. It is her gentleness, her ability to harness her emotions, her nurturing ability, and her lady-like actions. More importantly, it is her confidence and energy she brings to the room wherever she goes – and bonus, where there is feminine energy, masculine energy is not too far behind. So embrace your womanhood and femininity! 

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