New Year..New Me

New me.¬† How many times have we heard this saying or how many times have we said it ourselves. Every year we make the same long list of things we want to change in that upcoming year or a list of things we want to accomplish.¬† And what happens by the 3rd or 4th month we have either given up or forgotten what we said we wanted¬† to accomplish.¬† Well let this year be different.¬† ¬†Let 2022 be the year you change everything.¬† Don’t just focus on changing your outer appearance but focus on doing the¬† work on the inside of you as well.¬†¬†

Look in the mirror.¬† What do you see?¬† Do you see a Child of God? Do you see someone who is worthy of love? Do you see someone who forgives easily? Do you see someone who loves everyone especially people who don’t look or¬† act like you? Do you see someone who prays for¬† people who have hurt them?¬† Do you see someone who is a world changer? Do you see someone who loves themselves?¬† Do you see someone who is healed and whole?¬† Or do you see someone who gossips and spread lies about others?¬† ¬†Do you see someone who is ashamed of their past?¬† Do you see someone who is broken?¬† Do you see someone who doesn’t take accountability of their actions?¬† Do you see someone who feels like they are better than everyone else?¬† Or do you see someone who wish they didn’t exist at all?

If you don’t see God’s light shining bright in your life.¬† If you don’t see you were created in the image of God.¬† If you don’t see that you were set apart from the world.¬† If you don’t see you are unique and special.¬† If you don’t see you are loved by God and you don’t need anyone’s approval.¬† If you don’t see how you were created for a purpose and God wants the best for your life then I encourage you to do some soul searching and start working on yourself from the inside out.¬†¬†

Change the way you look at your past.¬† Change the way you see things.¬† If you complain alot, then stop.¬† Give¬† God praise that you are still here.¬† God has given you breathe in your body because He has a plan for your life.¬† Start having a spirit of gratitude and start being grateful for the small things you see¬† like the sunshine outside or being able to step on your bathroom rugs. If you have a negative mindset, then change it to a positive one.¬† Stop looking at the¬† negative situations and start working on turning those negative situations into positive ones.¬† ¬†If you run out of money¬† after you have paid all¬† your bills, then you can say “Thank you Lord, You made a way for me to pay all my bills this month”.¬† If your supervisor is acting crazy and getting on your nerves then you can say “Thank you Lord, You said in Your Word that I can lay all my cares at your feet”.¬† Remember don’t let anyone or anything steal your peace or your joy.¬†¬†

In order for God to do a new thing in your life sometimes there is a process you must go through and there is some growing you must do.¬† Don’t try and skip that step because you may need that step to help you¬† where God may be taking you.¬† Embrace whatever challenges and storms may come your way.¬† The storms and challenges are developing the type of character God wants you to have.¬† He wants your character to look like His.¬† He wants you to¬† have a real and authentic relationship with Him.

If you don’t know the Lord for yourself I invite you to start this year.¬† ¬†Ask the Lord to come into your heart and ask Him to change every broken place, every hurt and everything that’s ugly in your life. Ask Him to work on you from the inside and then on the outside.¬† ¬†New year, new me…Oh no new year , GREATER me.¬† Start expecting great things to come in your life.¬†

 He can do it.  I am  a living witness that having Him in your life will completely change your life.  The new change all starts with you.  If you want better you have to do better.  And having better is a mindset you must develop.  

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