No baggage

Don’t let nobody bring garbage bags in your house!

Have you ever been in a place in your life of calm. Everything is easy going and your day to day life is a routine. And you are okay with going to work or school and your place of worship, then come to a peaceful serine space which is your home. Your status is single and you are okay with it. Then you say if I never find my mate I’m okay with myself. You even go as far to say I’m waiting on God to send me my husband. Then one day you look up, and there he is. Tall, dark and handsome. His stature is one of a Greek god, gorgeous in every sense of the word. He walks over to you and he ask for your phone number. But in five minutes of talking or greeting him, he tells you his whole life story. he’s divorce with four kids because his wife cheated on him with his friend. And hid kids have behavior issues. What do you do? What you should do is run as fast as you can. But the fact that he is so sincere and he’s candid about telling you everything up front you think you can save him. You looking at him as a humble caring man that was mistreated by his family. Instead of you telling him go get yourself together then come back, you hold on to him because he is a broken man. You of course with your giving spirit and because you know God. You thinking God sent him to me after all, he has all of a preferences. And God always gives me my heart desire so you think it was God. One thing you have to remember God is not going to send you someone who is broken and confused about there own life. You are not qualified to be his therapist. God is not going to put you two together you both have to come from a place of wholeness. Other wise the relationship isn’t going to last. You went from having a happy home to a home of toxicity. All because you thought he was the man of you dreams. Your dreams turned into your nightmare. You can’t fix a persons heart he has to want to fix himself. He will never heal because he’s going from one relationship to the next. You have to be alone and do the work in order to heal. Don’t let anybody heal at your expense because when they think they are well they are leaving you for someone else. Because they never loved you they just need you as a bandage. So now that he moved on with his life he left all the garbage bags in your house. All the confusion ,all the lies, all the deception ,all the abuse. he left everything that was broken with you. Now you have to sort through the bags and find your dignity and self worth. Once you find it never let anybody in your house with garbage bags again.

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