No More Excuses

Excuses are roadblocks to taking action! 

Life, in the simplest form, is what we make of it. If making excuses for our actions is our way of living life, then, that’s the quality of life we will experience. We have choices here! 

In knowing that life is going to happen to each and every one of us regardless, I’d say our best bet is not to make excuses for life. Our best bet would be embracing what life gives us while choosing what life we give ourselves. 

If  you don’t care to live an unhappy life, choose different. If you’d rather not entertain toxic, negative, or bitter friends, choose different. If you know for certain the dynamic of lifestyle that you’re experiencing everyday does not align with the future you see for yourself, choose different. 

If I can do it, I’m certain that you can too. #TryDifferent

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