Normalizing toxic relationships

I was in an on again off again relationship that I would say for the most part was definitely toxic/ abusive . Now that I’m out of that relationship and that soul tie has been cut , I see more clearly  and I’m able to think more logically I now notice that I see more and more abusive/ toxic relationships all around me given the fact that abuse comes in many forms. My heart aches for my brother and sisters because at times I feel that they’re often unaware that the relationship that they’re in is not a healthy one, and that these type of relationships are not normal. Social media play a huge part in this shedding a light on this issue in a joking matter . I feel like this leads them to believe that this is normal and acceptable behavior or even to subject their partner to. In the long run these men and women are being affected physically, emotionally, and mentally which adds to the topic mental health. I feel like it’s a part of me to help or to speak to whoever will listen . I have to do my part!

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