Note to self: I Forgive You…

One sentence can change the way we view our life journey, and the way we view ourselves...

Hey everyone! This BLOG takes a look down the road of forgiveness. We explore some things that we may need to sincerely forgive ourselves for. Doing so can lead the way into new inroads that we never knew existed…

I Forgive Myself

For not knowing what I didn’t know. 

  • We are our own toughest critics when it comes to this. We could legitimately not know how to show up in a certain life situation, and still place the full blame on ourselves for not doing so. Inability does not equal insufficiency. Ability does not define capability. Maybe we simply didn’t know how to handle the situation properly. But that does not mean we are incapable of ever doing so. Forgiving ourselves for not knowing better is a true key to starting our emotional engine and beginning the rev up towards true self love. 


For not giving myself the respect I deserve. 

  • Sometimes we unknowingly follow the crowd. If we grew up in an environment where we were shown minimal respect, we could follow suit and not even be aware of it. Self respect can be gained in various ways, but a true method of obtaining it comes from family and friends servicing our life vehicles when we are too young to pick up the tools to do so. 


For allowing others to define my character. 

  • Often when our self worth is low, we tend to allow others to insert their own definition of who they believe we are. More often than not, others base how they define us on what they see and what our actions reveal. But what lies at our core remains hidden and it’s often missed in their interpretation. All things considered we still inevitably take on this definition and even convince ourselves that it’s true. Giving others power over us can wreak havoc on our ability to self love


For not being honest about what I want and need for my life to be a happy one. 

  • It’s easy to toss our needs and wants into the backseat when we always place others before ourselves. It feels as if we’re being noble and large hearted, but we are actually doing a disservice to ourselves. There is absolutely nothing wrong with doing for others. The key is to maintain balance so that we don’t lose ourselves in the midst of our kindness. When we hold on to that balance we invite ourselves to honor what we need and want to be happy. We’re more open with those desires and more inclined to make them happen. 


For placing myself last 

  • Again, adopting the martyr role is something we do to help others, but martyrs are typically unfulfilled when it comes to self importance. Placing ourselves last diminishes our self worth and we often try to pour from an empty cup. It’s up to us to keep our cups full and know what amount belongs to others and what amount is ours to consume. 


For my mistakes, intentional and unintentional alike…

  • We need not confuse things that happen to us, with things we help happen. Owning our mistakes is a beautiful way to reach self forgiveness. Forgiving ourselves for our mistakes, whether we had a hand in creating them or not helps us take responsibility for the action and move forward. The lack of forgiveness could cause us to embed those mistakes into our identities and  adopt them into our self definition. 


For hurting others…

  • Hurt comes in many forms. We all have had our share of causing that hurt where others are concerned. Again, intended or unintended, the hurt still remains. If we offer our sincere apology to those we’ve hurt, with the motive of not repeating the pain, we can forgive ourselves for inflicting that hurt and investigate what caused us to inflict it in the first place.  


For everything I have done or allowed that did not elevate me to a higher level of myself…

  • Allowance is usually a veil that covers something deeper. If we have allowed anything other than greatness to influence us, we can find solace in knowing that it isn’t too late to adjust. Elevation can occur as we realign ourselves and position our lives to a height of respect and honor. 


For everything. 

  • It all comes down to one admission that can beautifully cover all of the above. I forgive myself…for everything. Everything that is blocking my path to progression. Everything that I am holding on to or allowing to hold on to me. Everything that has caused me pain and continues to create stress in my life. I forgive myself… completely. 

For a more in depth discussion, reach out to me. We can travel down the road of self forgiveness together and explore what that road personally holds for you. 

Take good care 💚

Coach Teena Marie


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