No need to drown in debt, let’s get the victory, I CAN HELP!

Some helpful tools to raise your credit sooner than later and help you get out of debt AND BUY A HOUSE!

The tides are turning. I know COVID has people in fear but that does not have to be you. I am a Mortgage Banker and I help people buy their first home, dream home and even investment homes. However, many clients come to me with credit issues that have hindered them from being in the position to buy a home, that where I come in.

Now that most of us are quarantined, I want to also give back to those of you who still feel like 2020 is your year. If you’re looking to clean your credit up so you can be in a position to buy your dream home, I am the woman who can help you with the blue print to get those keys in your hands.

 During April, I lowered my hourly rate to $50 per hour. I take personal clients for a minimum of $3,000, take advantage of this. Not to brag but I’ve helped people out of impossible situations. I want to do this to help someone get to the place they need. For this offer, what you will need is to pull a copy of your own credit report. I will consult with you on a plan to get your credit where it needs to be in the shortest time possible.

This is not any type of scam, you will have to do the work. What i can tell you is I’ve spent literally thousands of hours helping others, who have been successful. I can point you in the right direction and tell you what will and will not work.

Looking forward to helping you.


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