One Tip To Help You Feel More Confident When You Have To Represent Yourslef

So you have to represent yourself

You don’t like it, but you understand that “it is what it is”

You can’t afford to hire an attorney but you still need some help

This may be new for you, maybe you’ve never had to go through this before

I know, it is scary, unfamiliar and overwhelming

I’m here to provide a tip that can help you to feel more prepared when you have to represent yourself.

That is, creating and using a trial binder. A trial binder can be helpful when representing yourself. It can help you to keep your legal documents organized. HavingĀ  a trial notebook can also be helpful for organizing the documents and evidence that you will use for court. Here are some sections that you may consider putting in your trial notebook:

2) Trial: Opening statement, Direct Examination, Cross Examination, Applicable Rules/Statutes/Case Law, Objections, Exhibits, Closing Argument

Remember: This is just an example, general legal informationĀ  and should not be taken as legal advice. Cases vary, and this example may not take into consideration your individual situation/circumstances.Ā  If you need legal advice that is specific to your situation, I would encourage you toĀ  google information for your local legal bar association and inquire about free brief legal advice for family law cases. You could also google “free brief legal advice” and include your state/country to see what free resources are available!

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