Online Dating Will Diminish Your Self Esteem

No matter how strong and confident a person may be, online dating can be a huge disappointment if you want real love.

I am a confident beautiful woman that possess multiple talents and skills that I utilize daily. I created dating profiles for myself after a period of healing and self love development. I was ready to increase my odds of meeting the one. I had a new mindset. I was clear on who I am and what I want. My profile was positive. I described my interests and briefly described what I am looking for in a man. My photos were also current and showed me with various hairstyles and a couple of body pics. All my photos are classy with style and showed me in different lifestyle settings.

There was no shortage of messages in my inboxes. I received multiple messages daily from a few dating apps.

The problem is that conversations would run dry rather quickly. Men would ask me how I am doing I would answer and I often asked the same if I was interested but eventually all conversations went nowhere no matter how great they were. I had my profile up for 2 weeks. During that time I had one date that was a catfish. He wasn’t the man in photo. That is a deal breaker due to initial dishonesty. Then I had a man who was planning a date with me. He asked me where a good place to eat might be then when I suggested a nice casual place that serve the food we both like he didn’t respond. I even connected with someone spiritually who’s energy and conversation was through the roof! I thought for certain that this person was what I was looking for. I didn’t even want to respond to any other message but his. The app even said we were less than a mile a part! I was so excited to meet him but then after that high energy “depth of soul” conversation, he ghosted me. It left me feeling confused. We exchanged numbers and all. He even said he looks forward to what the future holds for us. I was mind boggled. That connection instantly brightened my world and then nothing…

Although I love myself, and know my worth, and am aware of my inner and outer beauty, this 2 weeks of online dating drained me. It left me feeling less confident than before. I had all these matches but less than half the men sent a message. Even after the online conversations they don’t usually become dates. It made me question what is wrong with me. But the real problem is these apps. These apps are in the business of making money. If more people found real love from these dating sites then they wouldn’t be in business for long. Singleness is what is profitable not real love. Hooks ups and flings are what is making these apps profitable.

No matter how strong and confident a person may be, online dating can be a huge disappointment if you want real love. Otherwise it’s fun for the scammers, and those seeking short term connections. It is also a narcissist’s playground as they seek out their narcissistic supply!


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