Only One You

You, there is only one you. No matter how you feel, no matter who you feel like you should “be like” and “look like” and “sound like”. God saw it fit to give you stewardship over your body, life and circumstances. No one will be able to handle your stresses how you handle it in your journey. I believe that you’ll never truly reach your full potential if you think something is wrong with you. The first phase of become all you can be is accepting all that you are. Flaws and all, mistakes and all, SIN and all. This walk of faith is progression not perfection. Accepting who you are and confessing that He is the only one that can change you, PERMANENTLY.  Do you think if He is Omniscience that He doesn’t understand why you struggle with what you struggle with, why you stumble how you stumble? I believe our stumbling blocks is what make us human, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that we are above everything and anything, HIS. Once we realize that, I think that’s when the scales fall from ours eyes like Paul. I think it’s important for everyone to go on their own journey with God, we all have different relationships with Him. You’re one of a kind, the way you praise, worship, pray and love him is like no other. Thats why he seeks you, bc there is only one you. 

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