Only You God are perfect.

My Lord, the perfect God,
Have mercy on a sinner like me…
Every day I try to measure up, to be better,
But still, there are so many shortcomings, so many broken parts…
I beat myself up about my past, I feel unworthy,
The pain, the throbing in my heart is so unberable at times,
I promise and I don’t follow through,
I say I will, then disobey, I say I trust and doubt again,
I say I’ll go and do what you have said, and still I fear…
I say I’ll love and still I envy, I say I will forgive and still hold grudges,
I feel as if my fall is deeper than the last,
I feel as if your grace is running out and I lost all my chances,
But you my God, You come near and say,
” My daughter, did I not command you to be strong and courages?
Did I not tell you that youre past has been forgiven?
Did I not tell you that I made you worthy when I died for you?
Did I not tell you I’ll be here with you always?
Did I not wipe your tears endless times before?
Will I not heal you again?
Have I not instructed you this far and brought you victory?
Have I not lead you out of darkness countless times?
Would I leave you now? I have been faithful and always will…”
When I hear your words my God, my heart of stone, it crumbles,
The door I closed for you in my anger is unlocked again
And once again my home is filled with warmth,
I can’t help but lift my arms to You God and glorify You,
You are perfection, unending love, unfailing strength…
I can never measure up to that, You never even asked…
Your love covers all of my inequities, You’re only asking me to trust,
I am not self-sustaining because I’m limited,
I am a creation that is in need of the Creator’s care,
Only through His love we are accepted, not because of our deeds.
So in my mistakes, in my failures I’ll praise You,
I’ll thank You that Your love is perfect so I don’t have to be…
I’ll give it all into Your hands, take all the pressure,
Lift my soul up and let me always be reminded who I am and who You are…
This way I’ll find Your peace and be content in my growth in You,
Humble me my Lord so I can accept my place in the universe,
And glorify You for Your rightful throne,
You know the way my heart should go, take it Lord and show me your ways…

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