Only You Satisfy

You want it. You want the abundant feeling of being loved. You want moments that take your breath away and a deep connection that sends chills up your spine. You want sustainable satisfaction over fleeting pleasure. 

You will search everywhere for that kind of love. 

I searched everywhere too. I moved to Italy to feel again and to fall in love again. This was my romantic getaway with God. A chance to restore the deep emotional wounds and crushing pain of feeling unwanted and unloved. 

Instead, I turned my back on God and chased after a man. This all-consuming fling ended with me calling him out, my words echoing a shameful truth I didn’t want to face in my own life. 

This story, set against the picture-perfect backdrop of Italy, zooms in to give you an intimate and private look at the blossoming of my broken heart. It is an irresistibly honest memoir packed full of wisdom and lessons that connect to your heart. 

Only You Satisfy takes you on a journey of indulgence, crazy adventures, near-death experiences, and captivating moments to bring you back to one conclusion: there is only one true love that satisfies.  

My book is now available for purchase on Amazon.

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