Organized Chaos

Have you ever had an odd feeling in your own home? Not the feeling that someone was breaking in or you were being watched, but something about your home could be different. You carry on day by day until you finally sit down and say “what is it? Why do I feel this way?” Everything comes to your mind: the house isn’t big enough, you’re tired of the same old space, or you  want to move. For some people, the answer is moving, painting, or just simply detail cleaning and dusting. For others that could mean rearranging.  Surprisingly, many people don’t realize how much “stuff” they have until they go to rearrange and/or organize it. FYI you can be a hoarder without being on the extreme level as shown on the famous television show “Hoarders.” How about this, have you ever tried going through your closet looking for things you aren’t wearing? What about shoes, or usable items that are collecting dust? Try gathering them up if they’re in good condition and donating them. Once you do that try going through old mail or paperwork and see what you can throw away. Do you know one day I was cleaning up and found papers so old the ink had worn out on them? Yikes! Once you declutter if you’re able to, REARRANGE! Rearranging your home feels like you’ve added a unique touch with a little flavor. Move the couch closer to the window, move the bed to the other side, buy different color curtains. Lets say you have children and have more toys, shoes, and clothes than you can count. Well same thing applies. You can go through and do a whole overhaul of what’s being used or not being used, what can go and what can stay. Once you get into it, it can actually be kind of fun. Take the time to declutter and organize your space, I’m sure it will do you some kind of good. – Lori G. Clark

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