Out of Office Blues: How to Overcome Guilt and Worry with Time Off as a High Achiever

This is for any professional struggling right now to take the necessary time off to recharge. I will provide the mindset hacks I used to finally enjoy the experience of being away.

Your sanity and sustainability are non-negotiable. 

Tomorrow is never guaranteed, especially when we are consumed with stress, drama and overwhelm. 

I can admit, I have felt guilty with the idea of taking time off. After all, there is still so much work to be done. There are still so many people needing to be served.

It would nearly break me to send that time off request at work or to block off that week for my clients. The mental struggles to a simple click were unbearable.

I had internalized that I was selfish and somewhat incompetent to think of vacation or a break. In conducting a deeper analysis, I saw that my lack of taking this time was more detrimental than beneficial.

For that reason, I forced myself to take time off. Guess what…productivity improved!

My passion has been reignited and my creativity is at an all time high! 


In my reflection, I came to 3 realizations that will be incorporated into all of my 2022. 


1. “Me Time” Does not equate to “Free Time”. Take time away. Without explanation. Without guilt. Without concern. Recharge is just as important as results. 


2. Consistently feeling drained isn’t a sign of a great work ethic. It’s a symptom of personal neglect. Listen to what your mind, body, and spirit tells you.


3. There is a guarantee that problems will always exist, but there is no guarantee that you will exist to fix them. Do your due diligence to minimize fires, but be ok with knowing you can’t completely eliminate them.


What doesn’t serve your betterment can no longer stay. 

We have normalized being a workaholic, but can we normalize sustainability?

In 2022, let’s make self care essential.

Struggling in this area? Book a session so that we can strategize how to allow you to thrive professionally while being cared for personally.

Happy Thursday!


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