Overcoming Self-Doubt

If you are dealing with self-doubt about publishing your book, this post will help you move past that so that you can get your words out there.

You have doubts. You think your story has no purpose. Or you think no one will read your book. 


Want to know a secret?


It took me over 3 years to write my book because I had doubts too. I was afraid to write my book because I thought no one would read it and if they did, they would get bored or judge me. I also felt scared about putting my writing out there and telling my personal story.


How did I overcome? 


I had to get some accountability and talk to myself. I still had doubts even after publishing my book.


Here’s something you should know: your doubts may never go away. Keep going anyways. 


If you feel like someone may judge you because of your personal story, then you need to own your story. How can someone judge you for what happened in your life? Even if they do judge, who cares about what they think. You can’t control what someone does or how they react. You can only control what you do. 


Someone needs to hear your story. If you are afraid of putting your words out there, find someone to help you push past those doubts. The doubts may never go away, but they will become manageable. 


Get your book out there and see how much it changes your life and changes someone else’s life. 


Check out my YouTube channel if you need some more encouragement and accountability. 


I’m always here to help. 





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