Pause-Wait, Let’s Reset

In the middle of the week, I started having an allergic reaction out of nowhere during work. Luckily, I am still working from home. Until Wednesday, I had never experienced an allergy to food. I took a little Benadryl and continued to work and ignore my symptoms, the rash and redness from my face was now on my arms. I finally took a break and was able to be seen by my doctor within an hour. There was no way I was going to an emergency room. I could still swallow and breathe. No biggie right? I was wrong!! When I arrived at the doctor, the Benadryl was wearing-off. Thank goodness I went. With the help of medication, my doctor is hoping to get my body to “reset” and forget this allergy which seems to be with sesame seeds and peanuts. I love mixed nuts. MY BODY NEEDS TO RESET!

Do you know when you need a reset or do you ignore ALL the signs/symptoms that come your way. Life gets busy and in the midst of meeting deadlines and being there for others, we often ignore signs or warnings that we needs to slow down and take a break. If you get off track, take a break to regroup and reset. You can reset any area of your life. If you are not getting the desired results you seek from you current path, then it is time to consider changing course. 

Here is how to reset: 

  1. Leave old patterns and find a new challenge. The time to change is now. 
  2. Reexamine your goals and refocus where necessary.
  3. Start a reflection calendar to audit your actions. Look for the negative or unhealthy patterns that need to change. 
  4. If you feel stuck, this is a sign you need to establish a new goal and purpose. 
  5. Finally, declutter your life. Decluttering provides you with an opportunity to eliminate things that are no longer essential.

I am currently in the process of resetting eating habits by figuring out what I can and cannot eat. What do you need to reset? Ignoring symptoms will keep you in the state of not knowing what’s next. You can change your life at any moment but it’s up to you. It is never to late to hit that reset button and get that do-over. 

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