Peace is power

Have you ever found yourself stuck in your own thoughts feeling powerless because of other people? One phrase that traps people a lot is “everybody can’t be wrong, you must have the problem.” When you really think about it, is that true as much as people make it seem true? Or have you ever been in a tight situation, where you want to speak up but don’t just to keep the peace? Then eventually, someone says that one thing to trigger you and their immediate response is “hurt dogs will holler.” Oh really? That’s laughable in some cases. Here’s something that used to keep me stuck….BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT. Many people get caught up in benefit of the doubt just by telling themselves things like: “they’re my close family they won’t steer me wrong or take advantage of me, me and them have been friends for years they wont change on me, they can’t still be cheating they spends way too much time with me, or last but not least, they wouldn’t do that to me, I’ve helped them too much.” How many of us have gotten our feeling hurt just by leaning on phrases like the ones listed? With that being said; what do you do to get your power back? Well first, take the “hurt dog will holler” and “you must be the problem” phrases and counter them with “if it doesn’t apply, let it fly.” After that it’s time to see who in your life you can rearrange. Some people you outgrow and let go. Others you love from a distance. While others you keep near and dear to you. Also please remember, loving someone from a distance does not mean you dislike them or will never talk to them. You simply give them and yourself the space you both need to have a good ground with each other. Healing from pain caused by not staying true to your personal power, or too much benefit of the doubt can be tough. When people say negative things, or do things we think they wouldn’t it hits us. It gives us an unsettling sense of self and we question things that aren’t even worth questioning. Well, we’re all human so we are allowed to feel all that plus disappointed, powerless, helpless, or even sad. However, we can’t stay in those feelings. Take your power back by focusing on you. Don’t be moved by people’s negative actions or statements. Let it roll and use it as a steppingstone to get closer to your own personal goals. Speak daily affirmations first thing in the morning as something that can help set the tone for the rest of the day if you have to. Your personal peace is your power. Get your power back! -Lori G. Clark

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