“Don't allow other's perceptions to become your reality”

How many times have you met someone for the first time, and they say, “I know you”? You have never met them or had any personal interactions with them, but because they’ve seen you around or maybe you have mutual friends, that has allowed them to draw conclusions about who you are. More importantly, who they think you are.


Now, how many times have you sat down and talked to someone and they say, “you are not who I thought you were at all”?


I am guilty of allowing the perceptions of other’s to dictate who I was and how I saw myself. Sometimes those perceptions are less about who you are and more about who people want you to be, who they need you to be or who they feel comfortable with you being for their own selfish reasons. Take time to disconnect and know yourself. Don’t allow other’s perceptions to become your reality.

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