Permission to Be Imperfect

Perfection, or lack thereof, does not determine your worth.

One of the commonalities among people who experience feelings of low self-esteem and self-worth, or anyone who is chronically discontent with life, is the feeling that they deserve to be unhappy because they are imperfect. In a culture of heavily edited and filtered photos, immaculately curated social media personalities, and finely-tuned brands, it can be easy to fall into the illusion that happiness is for perfect people. Aside from the fact that perfection doesn’t exist, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy to internalize the belief that healthy relationships, fulfilling careers, and self-love are only for a select few. Sometimes, we can become so focused on achieving perfection that this renders us unable to see and fully appreciate the beauty and joy that we can get out of our lives right now. Getting a promotion, finding a loving partner, and achieving your ideal weight are all great goals, but your life isn’t on pause until you do achieve them, so your joy shouldn’t be on hold, either. Give yourself permission to love who and what you are right now, because you are worthy, every step of the way.

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