Pick me up

You are not reading this by accident! You needed to hear it. In this thing called life we never know what will be thrown our way.. Sometimes it seems like everything is falling apart at once and we just can’t seem to catch a break! Well my friend, I just want to encourage you! I want to tell you do not fear the challenges that you may face, but replace the fear with Faith and keep Fighting! Understand that in order for growth to occur, we must be able to withstand trials! Allow your faith to be like a foggy day! We can’t see whats ahead but we choose to trust the lines on the road and continue on the journey. Well with faith, we cant see what is ahead, but we must trust that Our Heavenly Father will take care of us! We must trust that he is capable of all things except failure. We must understand that we belong to HIM and the love that he has to offer is EVERLASTING. We must trust that he knows what he is doing & that he will take care of his children.  Have FAITH my dear friend! The troubles of Today are Temporary….

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