Planning or wishing

Planning is better than wishing because to plan you need action.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.

— Eleanor Roosevelt


Sometimes we lose hundreds of hours of productivity because we are stuck in the wishing phase. We wish we had a new job, a better relationship, or that our finances were in stable condition.


What if you stopped wishing and started planning? What would your life look like if you planned for tomorrow instead of spending today wishing? Remember that time you wrote down everything you wanted to get done for that project. Do you remember how many things on that list got accomplished? 


There are studies that I will link below that indicate that the brain has a higher recall of written down things. Daydreaming and wishing may be fun, but to get things done, we have to write the vision and make it plain. Neuroscience studies show that writing our plans down in great detail increases the likelihood of completing the tasks and vividly recalling each step. Below is a link to the study that will give you greater detail.


As you are planning, make the items specific instead of general ideas, for example. Rather than writing, I want to get my degree in accounting, break it down into measurable tasks such as:


To obtain my degree in accounting:


Complete my FSFA by July 30

Apply to three colleges by June 15

Apply for financial aide June 1

Register for courses

Purchase books

Attend classes


This list may seem overly simplistic, but as each item on the list is checked off, an internal sense of accomplishment begins. What if the simple act of unleashing the power of planning could change your life and improve your experience and increase your success?  


It doesn’t cost you anything to write down the things in your life that you want to transform.  Start your list today, stop wishing, and start planning.





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