Positive and Negative Feelings Module Forgiveness Sessions

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In Forgiveness Sessions you will:

– learn what forgiveness truly is, its benefits and importance for the quality of your life

– understand that forgiveness does not mean excusing or condoning others’ mistakes

– realize the negative effects of living with sadness, hurt, grief, pain, anxiety and depression

– comprehend the disadvantages of allowing the bad things that happened to negatively shape and define your mood, energy, attitude, life and your future choices and actions

– realize the negative effects of resentment, bitterness, anger, hate and holding grudges

– become able to move on with your life without waiting for revenge and for the tables to turn

– develop new ways of looking at actions, emotions and situations that will allow you to understand them, label them, put them in a box and let go more easily

– learn to accept the past and allow everything to be a lesson that will further help you instead of a weight that will drag you down

– become able to also forgive yourself while knowing that you will do better from now on 

– realize forgiveness is a gift you give yourself so that you can leave the negative behind and embrace the positive

– gain confidence in your abilities to learn and get better, solve problems, overcome self-doubt, take responsibility for your actions and choices and develop accountability, commitment and discipline towards yourself

– learn to quit guilt, self-blaming and suffering for not doing everything or for thinking it is your fault for situations which are actually created by others or things you have no control over

– become able to have closure for past relationships and feel empowered because you can rise above all that happened and move on without waiting for anyone else

– improve the way others perceive you and your relationships, job or business results as your energy shifts from sad, angry, snappy or bitter to positive, enthusiastic, peaceful and cheerful

– become able to move forward with your life while investing your energy only in positive actions, in taking care of yourself and making your dreams come true

– embrace the new peace, hope, healing and positivity that come with letting go and forgiveness

As the website only shows 3 main categories of coaching, please choose any of the categories when booking a session but make sure you specify what you are looking for from the session. Example: “i am looking to become able to forgive my ex who has hurt me multiple times but i also have some questions about managing my time better”. You can include as many details as you’d like. Who said sessions have to be focused on a single topic? I am as flexible as needed and we can do mixed sessions in which we can work on multiple fronts to meet all your needs and wants !

If you have questions or need more details, please write to me here:

CarmenMLC @ y a h o o . c o m

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