Positive and Negative Feelings Module Hope Sessions

[to be continued]

– learn the importance of never losing hope, of optimism and positivity

– understand that a positive attitude leads to positive results

– analyze and find the barriers preventing you from succeeding

– separate situations that you can control from the ones you have no control over

– remember all the things you overcame so far and how it felt when the storm was over, realize how strong you already are

– change your way of looking at things so you can be grateful and happy

– become motivated to take action and make plans towards your goals

– understand that mistakes and loss are part of life and there is a reason for everything that happens

– regain confidence in your abilities to overcome, to solve and succeed

– find your purpose, set goals and make plans so you can always be led by your dreams instead of being pushed by your problems

– become a role model for positivity, ambition and transformation and begin to inspire those around you with your progress

– find the will and motivation required to start and enjoy growing, to move on with your life in the pursuit and direction of your dreams and never lose yourself again

– learn how to turn your mistakes into life lessons and your pain into power which will set you free and empower you to go on despite all problems, losses and past failures

– understand the power of experience, of trying something even if it doesn’t work out exactly as expected and how to use it for future success

– become confident that you deserve and can have true love, have your life goals and wishes come true and unwilling to settle or put the keys to your happiness in anyone’s pocket

– increase your self-esteem and self-worth by becoming aware of who you really are, your value, your power of choice, what you bring to the table and can offer the world

– learn how to shift your mindset and respond to every situation in a better manner, one that works for you instead of against you

– improve the way others perceive you because of your new energy, attitude and self-confidence that will make them like you, trust you and respect you more

– learn the positive way of thinking that can help you find a light on your darkest night, so you can be grateful for all you have and be able to thrive even through hard times

– develop new ways of looking at actions, emotions and situations that will allow you to understand them, label them, put them in a box and let go more easily

– set new goals, find your purpose, feel empowered, become enthusiastic to live, more courageous to take action, to create and develop, to see results, to try new things

– change your focus on your strengths, improve your outlook and attitude towards life, choose to only think positive and work through things instead of running from them

– learn to be happy, count your blessings and practice gratitude while working for what you want

As the website only shows 3 main categories of coaching, please choose any of the categories when booking a session but make sure you specify what you are looking for from the session. Example: “i am looking to gain hope of making my own business work but i also have some questions about dating a new person”. You can include as many details as you’d like. Who said sessions have to be focused on a single topic? I am as flexible as needed and we can do mixed sessions in which we can work on multiple fronts to meet all your needs and wants !

If you have questions or need more details, please write to me here:

CarmenMLC @ y a h o o . c o m

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