Power of the Mind


We all know the impact that our thoughts can have on us. We can become depressed, angry, frustrated, lonely, disappointed, fearful, worried and sad. We can cause situations to be worse than what they are at times.

At the same time, some thoughts can make you happy, make you smile, laugh out loud, relax you or make you feel confident in your abilities. We are able to “speak life” into ourselves and our situations.

This is why it is important to guard your mind and think positive. First thing in the morning, take five minutes to listen to positive affirmations on YouTube or repeat some to yourself. Using positive music also helps, I love “I Smile” by Kirk Franklin. It can be anything you find uplifting that speaks to you. I have had times where I was going through a specific issue so I recorded myself repeating positive affirmations for that exact situation and listened to it for a little over a month. The impact was life changing. We have to take control of our minds and redirect anything negative that comes about. After all, the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts. Remember you are loved 💖

-Miss Kris

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