Power Words

Is it time to reboot the words that play over and over in your head. Let’s talk about power words, statements that empower you, motivate, and encourage you to make life changes. The first power word for this week is “TRUST”. Trust that you are capable of making decisions that will benefit you now and into the future. Sometimes making that decision involves using the services of a coach to get you started. Let’s be honest that is why you are on the My Mentor website in the first place.

Strategically deciding that you are ready to change your mindset is a huge decision. The first place to start is to consider who is in your circle of influence.  Those that are close to us influence our choices. If you are the wisest one in your circle it is time to stretch yourself and look for new areas of growth. Who is living the life you want, who has the job you are looking for? Those are the people to connect to that can help you reach those goals. Ken Coleman calls it the “Proximity Principle”, to become successful you need to connect to people that have succeeded. The become an entrepreneur list to people that are successfully living the life that you are looking to achieve.  

Set yourself up with a life coach that will challenge you and make you think about the hard questions. To grow you don’t need a yes man, you need a motivator, a challenger and a accountability partner.


Let’s talk about it some more. Contact me today. 

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