Now is not the time to jump

So everyone and everything is uncertain right now. How do you ensure what you have right now? Stand still. Now is not the time to move on to another job. Now is actually the time to work on your brand. Get that in place, especially if you are working right now.
Don’t let pride get in your way. Stand still and work on getting things together so that you are able to work for yourself when all of this is over. Start setting a daily routine to work towards full time entrepreneurship in one year. Save as much as you can. Start writing down little goals. Check them off as they are accomplished. Pat yourself on the back for each accomplishment. 

Prepare to be able to work from home. Prepare to do something you can’t be fired from. This time next year should be your timeline to finally say good bye to that job. It all starts with what you do today!

written by Sophie Wells

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