Pushing Past Your Limits

"If you don’t challenge your limits you’ll never know how great you can be. "

What are limits? Who sets them? Limits are defined as the final, utmost or furthest boundary or point. Knowing this definition one might question, who actually sets these limits? Who sets them on ourselves? Who sets the “final point” or “boundary” on anything that we do? Good question, right? Well don’t be surprised by the answer. It’s you! If I had to guess, I would estimate we do this at least 80% of the time if not more. You are the one setting your own boundaries, ending point, and determine your own limits. We tell ourselves what we can and cannot do all of the time. We put limits on our own abilities to be and do greater things. After all, it is okay to know your own limits but it’s not okay when we live and exist beneath them. In order to be great we must do great things. In order to be great we must dare to be great. We do this by putting our limits to the test and push beyond how far we imagine our limits can go. If you don’t challenge your limits you’ll never know how great you can be. Take for instance an athlete, they know what they are and not capable of doing. They only get better when they push past their own boundaries. They have removed the limits and have allowed themselves to be open to limitless possibilities. The greatest athletes have set themselves apart from the rest because there are no boundaries hindering their progress. This is what we must do with ourselves, live a limitless life by releasing the boundaries that confine us. When this happens we will then rise to a greater version of ourselves. Pushing past your limits simply means you have to P.U.S.H. (Persist Until Something Happens) for infinite possibilities exist within you!


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