Quarantined Organization

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Many of us are now working from home during the COVID 19 pandemic and the Stay At Home Order has been extended. For some, the transition was not easy because living spaces were not conducive to be a work place on such short notice. If we aren’t naturally organized that transition could have been a disaster. We have children, spouses, no space, and no plan. I am sure some have gotten into the swing of things while others still may struggle. In one way or another we were all affected and the stress levels have increased. Without an organizational plan in place it only grows worse. Companies are not allowing employees to get in the swing of things, employees are just thrown into the deep with the expectation that they swim. There is no plan in place for them. While, they are grateful to be home with their families more, there are a set of challenges that comes with working and homeschooling.

Productivity tips to help stay organized, reduce stress and maintain while working remotely.

1. Make sure you have everything you need to do your job. If there is anything you are missing that would make it work better for you contact your employer to ship those supplies to you if you can not go in to pick them up at this point. Having what you need boost productivity and helps to maintain focus.

2. Organize a work space in your home. Working from the kitchen table maybe okay for a short period but eventually you will have to move into a quite space where you can focus. To maximize productivity, make sure there are minimum distractions, your space is welcoming, and the lighting is good.

3. Stick to your work schedule as much as possible. While COVID 19 has disrupted our lives employers are looking for you to work as normal if not more. Start and end work the same as if you were in the building, take your breaks and clock out for lunch as normal. Stick to your norm as much as possible.

4. Make sure you have an understanding of what it expected of you while working remotely. If you have any concerns reach out to ask questions. Do not assume anything. The goal is to reduce stress and not understanding does cause some anxiety.

5. Make a plan. I love plans! Plans are like road maps when I am not clear about where I am going. They always keep me focused and on track. Create your own organization plan by organizing work documents and office supplies. Use a planner to plan out work schedule and create To-Do-List prioritizing task that need to be completed. The act of writing by hand helps reduces stress and increases information retention and recall. I know there are apps to keep you on schedule but writing has its benefits.  I have enclosed great tips in my recent eBook   Organizationally Healthy The content will not only help with organization at the work place but in other areas of your life that may be affected.

6. Keep your work from home schedule visible. This is an effective productivity hack. Include some affirmations, quotes, motivational reminders and mantras that will keep your energy levels boosted to perform your best.

7. Remain accessible and responsive. This is not the time to sleep until 10am when you were to be in production at 8am. Communicators are being monitored and production is being tracked. You do not want to give your employers the wrong impression when there are big gaps in your report tracking. Remember to adhere to your normal work schedule.

8. Stay on task, but make time for self-care


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