Re-Introduction Post about ME, Shalbe Adams!


For those of you who may not know me….allow me to introduce myself and my business!

My name is Shalbe Adams and I am a Personal Development Coach who is extremely passionate about helping people overcome their FEARS and LIMITING BELIEFS so that they can break FREE and become the person that they’ve always dreamt of being! My ultimate goal is to provide them with the tools for success in stepping into their season of wealth and abundance through a series of 1:1 virtual coaching sessions via Zoom and/or Skype! During these sessions, we will:

Identify and break down those barriers that are holding you back from embracing your true, authentic self
Practice specific techniques such as: meditation, manifestation, journaling, law of attraction and much more!
Practice Self-Reflection
Go through Self-Discovery Processes
Hold you accountable for achieving your short-term and long-terms goals that we create together
Go over thought provoking exercise worksheets that will open up other dimensions of your mind you weren’t even aware of
……..AND so much more!

As YOUR Personal Development Coach my duties are to:

Be your Cheerleader 🤸🏽‍♂️and to cheer you on every step of the process
Be your Accountability Partner
Focus on the Present and Future (Therapists focus on fixing issues of the past up until present)
To set you up for Future Success
Teach you how to filter your thoughts
Learning to embrace FEAR and working WITH it and not AGAINST it
Breaking those bad habits
……AND so much more!

So if this made your Heart ❤️Light Up, then my coaching program is right for you! Don’t allow yourself to go through another day, as a matter of fact, another SECOND of merely DREAMING of the person you would like to become because he or she already exists within YOU!

Let’s get you enrolled in one of my LIFE-CHANGING programs TODAY!

Remember, Change your THOUGHTS, Change your LIFE, Change your WORLD! 💕


Shalbe Adams
Founder & CEO
Personal Development Coach
Virtuous Divinity Life Coaching 💖
Charles Ap Bradley

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