Do You Read Him? (Measure YOUR Time)

"Do You Read Him? (Measure YOUR Time)" - In this blog post, I discuss why it's important, especially for those dating to evaluate the state of your relationship against the time you and the man you are dating have invested into the progression of your relationship. ~Time Is an Intangible Asset, Don’t Squander It, By Committing to Living in A Dead Place~ Coach Sam

Read Him! Read Him! And Read Him again! It’s important that you read the man you’re with. Whether dating, engaged, or married, you should read him. That’s right married ladies, too often, some think well, I got him and now I can breathe; but no, that’s a mistake.

How do you know, you say? Well, I’m glad that you asked. As a lady, in the dating world, at this moment, I can tell you this, married men approach me, and I’m sure other women. Look at the number of outside children, and the staggering divorce rate, in which cheating seems, to continually be at the forefront.

Evaluate your own life. Can you honestly say that you don’t personally know of anyone, who’s experienced a cheating husband? Now, this is not to say women don’t cheat, some most definitely do. The point that I am making is that at every stage of a relationship, you should regularly read him.

Why? Because a relationship is a partnership. If you are the only one taking time to make and keep the relationship healthy and lively. Well, that’s a red flag, and you need to address it. You cannot have a relationship with an individual who has checked out.

Checked out by not valuing your time. Checked out by not investing in how you feel. Checked out by not caring about the things that are important to you. Checked out by being in your physical presence, but clearly somewhere else – heart, mind, and or Spirit.

It matters! So, don’t overlook what and how the man in your life spends his time. Truly determine, if you really are investing your time wisely. Just think, a job, gives its employees evaluations, every so often, why would you not do the same with the man you are getting to know, or married to?

And, remember, companies value their time. In fact, every business, from mom-and-pop shops, to major international corporations, structure their business around time. Employees have a work schedule, major responsibilities, daily tasks, deadlines, and even timed, lunch breaks. Guess what ladies, men, (most of them), comply with the rules. Why?

Because they know their supervisor has expectations. And if they want to keep their job, they must meet, or exceed those expectations. Else, they know their boss, will say the words, you’re fired. And that matters to them. No man, enjoys his boss firing him, even if it’s for a temporary layoff.

They want a roof over their head. They want food on their table. They want the lights, water, and gas to work at their home. They want gas in their car, or fare for the bus. They want to go out, and enjoy time with their friends, family, or even hit their favorite spot by themselves, and not worry about money.

More importantly a man values these things, and being able to provide these things for himself. Because a man has a level of maturity that a boy does not. (Yes, ladies, he can be over 18 or 21, in fact, he could be over 30 or 40, and still be a boy). So, determine today, ladies, have you read him.

If so, have you measured your time against his? Do the results prove, you should stay, or move on? Are you unsure? If so, that’s a red flag too. You should not wonder if the man you are interested in is interested in you. Because his consistent daily actions should show you, he is all in.

~Time Is an Intangible Asset, Don’t Squander It, By Committing to Living in A Dead Place~ Coach Sam

~Exalted Royalty~ A C. E. SAM COMPANY~

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