Preparing your mind is the beginning of a successful journey.

Getting ready is more than stretching, drinking water and having the running shoes. Readiness begins in the mind. This is true for life too.

I challenge you to ask yourself these questions:

What do I desire in life? 

What are my goals? 

Do they include building others or just myself? 

What do I see as limitations?

How do I truly see myself?

Do I love and appreciate me?

Do I believe in myself?

After answering yourself honestly ( I suggest you write your answers down) Look for anything in Any of your answers that is  negative, debilitating, or in any destructive. Anything that sabotages you, that prevents you from becoming a better version of You is a LIE. Even lies can take residence in the room of mind. They can dwell among our hopes and dreams and become so familiar, we unknowingly allow them to reside there. We provide not only room but food for these lies every time we limit ourselves because of them. Today, I challenge you to begin finding and STARVING THE LIES. Starve them with challenges that push you out of your comfort zone, that build you in areas that you see yourself as weak. I challenge you to find the truths of who you are and to feed every single one of them with affirmations and actions. I challenge you to become the better you. 

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