Realizing true beauty is total healing work

Most of us can remember a moment that challenged our perception of ourselves and caused us to question our worth. For me, that moment came as a child. I was bullied because of my skin complexion and felt less beautiful because of how others saw me. Because I was shy, I started to isolate myself. In those moments of solitude, I began my journey of self-discovery -- learning how to encourage myself and find things about myself that I loved without needing external validation. I learned that to discover my true beauty I needed to confront the feelings of rejection and search for healing deep within.

Love heals. Love yourself.

We often hear people say “love heals.” So, why do we have such a hard time loving ourselves? Your journey to self-love begins with giving yourself permission to heal. Once you’ve done the hard healing work, you will realize the true beauty that exists within you.


Healing is an internal process. Search within yourself.


Healing is an internal process that happens from the inside out, not from the outside in. When we search outside of ourselves to fulfill the needs that exist within us, we’re often disappointed and unfulfilled. It’s easy to get caught up in a spinning cycle of using external pleasures, like drugs, alcohol, sex and food to cover up the pain we’re feeling inside of our bodies; but these “remedies” are really only temporary bandages. The wounds still exist deep within us…

The wounds are deep. Start digging.

Before we can even start the process of healing, we have to first do the work of digging through all of our trauma, pain, disappointments, and drama to find the wounds that need healing. The first step is to be vulnerable with ourselves, expose our wounds and decide to be healed.


There is beauty in your strength.

There is beauty within your strength, perseverance, determination, attitude, character, values and morals. Your heart is the filter to these areas, and your growth depends on the condition of your heart. You are responsible for maintaining that heart filter by doing the hard healing work, from the inside out.

  • Take intentional action to develop and set healthy boundaries.

  • Be courageous; and stand firm on what you believe

  • Decide to do what is right at all costs.

Your life is YOURS. Choose to live it.

No matter what your upbringing, family dynamics or environment is like, you are ultimately responsible for your outcome. You can choose to rise above any circumstance, even those that are seemingly out of your control. All it takes is consciousness and accountability.


Choose who you will be and how you will live. Make the choice, and then start designing your life the way you want to live it.


Affirmations Activity

Sometimes when we confront our wounds, we can become uncomfortable, get down on ourselves and start focusing on our flaws. Practicing positive affirmations draws attention back to our strengths and beauty, while creating a path for total healing.


Say these affirmations throughout the day or write them in your journal:

  • I believe my life path is becoming clearer every day.

  • I renew my mind and spirit with encouraging and positive information.

  • Confusion is far from me and I have clarity to make wise decisions.

  • There is beauty in my strength.

  • I deserve healing.

For more on this topic, check out the 4 Stages of Self-Awareness. This four-week virtual course is designed to help you reclaim your power, align with your purpose and live a life you’re proud of: fearless, free and fulfilled.

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