Receiving Grace Through Repentance

The Spirit has been giving this message to His leaders. Those who are willingly obedient. 
I am nobody important, but the LORD will not let me move past this. As I finish the book of Daniel and move into the book of Joel, there is one prevailing theme. The time is nearer than ever for Christ’s return. 

The first chapter of Joel speaks of famine and lack. Plague after plague. In the form of locusts. Whether literal or figurative. Recessive, with each passing being worse than the last. 

Speaking of a pagan and hostile nation that has invaded the land. Stripping God’s people and laying them to waste. 

Furthermore, the church does not keep the statutes and laws. Rejecting its framework and organizational structure. 

It gets worse. The second emerging theme that the LORD is calling for is repentance and fasting. Through prayer. We are being warned that we must seek His forgiveness and mercy. 

His hand is stretched out still. He is showing me that there is still a chance that He may repent of the evil that is prophesied against us. 
And although it is not permanent. It will give us time to seek grace for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children. True repentance may save a few more souls. 

God is offering to restore the land while healing and protecting His people. Removing our enemies from our midst. To even bring back the seasons. 

Accordingly, this is attainable for His people. If we turn from our wicked ways. And just as I thought. For a time.

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