Recovery Time

Have you ever had surgery or a major medical procedure? Part of the healing process involves making sure to take your prescribed medications, get rest, and take your time to heal. We repeatedly hear this message from our friends and family, take it easy, don’t rush. Friends and family say these words for one reason. They don’t want you to have a setback. A setback could put you back in the hospital, cause injury to the surgical site, or create an infection. Everyone wants you to pay attention to recovery time.
Well, after a life event such as a divorce, I believe we need recovery time. We need to take a step back and evaluate our current position in life and make plans for healing and recovery. Many times I have heard the statements that the best way to recover is to get into a relationship with someone new immediately.  I dispute the theory of recovery through a quick relationship. You see, until you have healed, you are susceptible to mistreatment. When you take the time to determine a few simple things, you will be in a much better position. 
First, it is beneficial to determine what your likes and dislikes are, for example, do you like to eat at a drive-through restaurant or do you prefer to go in and sit down and be served? Do you like cool or hot climates? What is your favorite leisure activity? It may seem insignificant, but in the long run, this information helps set the tone for who you will allow into your life in the future. It also gives you essential items that you have decided are standards for your life.
In conclusion, recovery time is beneficial, critical, and life-saving. By taking your time to heal before you begin to develop new relationships,  you clear the slate and obtain you a truly fresh start. 
Recover, renew, and refresh!

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